• Nafisa Kabir

The Effect of COVID on Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations

There’s not a single industry that hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. An event that many hoped would consist of just a few weeks of social distancing has dragged on and grown larger with each passing day as we learn to navigate new ways of working, living, and playing.

Unfortunately, one sector that has been particularly impacted by this pandemic also stands to offer the most relief for families impacted by cut hours and job losses. That sector? Nonprofits.

As you can imagine, nonprofits and charitable organizations have seen a major decline in donor engagement and gifts since the pandemic began. And, beyond donors having less spending money to give, these organizations are also being impacted in other ways -- like social distancing that has been stiffening volunteer initiatives.

Nonprofits Need Marketing Now More Than Ever

Staying at the front of donors’ minds is tough enough on a regular day-to-day basis. Now that everyone is under the stress of navigating the remote lifestyle (or perhaps left searching for a new job), it’s even harder for nonprofits to get the campaign response they need.

Moreover, with limited budgets, many nonprofits have chosen to cut back on any marketing initiatives they may have been investing in, but that’s the exact opposite of what they need to be doing.

As a marketer, you already know that, when a business needs money, they better start investing in effective campaigns to bring in the customers. This equation is really no different for nonprofits that are currently seeking donations. Without the right marketing campaign, they’re going to continue struggling.

Help Your Community and Achieve Mutual Good

There are surely nonprofits in your community that could use some help right now, and you might even find yourself in a similar position. As many organizations and businesses have cut back marketing budgets to try and stave off financial ruin, marketers are losing business.

As a marketer, now would be a fantastic time to step up and do some good while experiencing some good benefits for yourself, too! In other words, with nonprofits in their current position, why not reach out to one in your community and see if they’d like your help?

Your volunteer work will look great on a resume and, what’s more, doing this pro bono could even make for a tax writeoff at the end of the year. And, did we mention that you’ll be helping out an organization in your community, too?

But, before you do anything, it’s important that you choose the right charity to support. You want to choose a nonprofit that aligns with your personal values, as that’s going to make it all the more rewarding. What’s more, you probably want to select a charity that really needs your help right now and has a sustainable cause -- meaning the work you do will help them make big differences now and in the future that you can stand behind.

Be on the lookout for our article on What To Look for When Choosing a Charity to Support, which will give you a complete checklist you should be considering before you do any volunteer marketing for an organization.

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